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How Profitable Should My Startup Be?

How Profitable Should My Startup Be?

Profitability. Burn rate. Runway. All these terms get floated around when building a company. Some may think there are two options for a company: either lose as little as possible or make as much as possible. But, like many things in life, there is more complexity to...

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Populus in the news

Omaha’s historic Auto Row is driving new development on Farnam Street

“Today, we pay a monthly fee for many of our favorite products like Netflix or Amazon Prime, and in return, those products continue to add value. Why shouldn’t our workspace operate the same way?”

Serving the Silicon Prairie

Silicon Prairie is bursting with fresh startups and expanding small businesses. Populus is here to serve these amazing startups in Omaha and Lincoln. The national and local press continues to promote the amazing benefits of building small businesses and startups in the great Omaha area. Here’s a sampling of what people are writing.

“Silicon Prairie,” America’s new entrepreneurial frontier

Today, Lincoln is becoming a mini Palo Alto, home to more than 100 software startups. And once-abandoned buildings now house coworking spaces and incubators.

Silicon Prairie: Tech Startups Find A Welcoming Home In The Midwest

Some startup entrepreneurs are leaving the high tech hot spots of San Francisco, New York and the Silicon Valley for greener pastures in a place that actually has greener pastures: Lincoln, Neb.

From 3 to 200: Omaha Startup is Growing Like Crazy

Five short years ago, this company that sells products and services to web designers had three employees: Davidson and co-founders Tony Noecker and Rick Knudtson. Now, fueled by millions of dollars in outside investment, the number of Flywheel employees is nearing 200.

Microsoft CEO calls Nebraska Silicon Prairie unique, promising

The head of one of the world’s largest technology companies says Nebraska’s Silicon Prairie is blazing its own identity.

Building the future of office space in Omaha

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