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Office space should be easy, affordable, and flexible

Tired of the same boring and expensive office space?

Office space has been around a long time. Over the years, a lot has changed in the way we work. Very little has changed with office space.

If a small business owner needs an office, they typically tour all around the city looking at boring spaces that all seem to look the same. Drab carpet, some drop ceiling tiles, and perhaps a twenty-year-old kitchenette if you’re lucky. This underwhelming space requires a commitment for years, as well as a personal guarantee, a credit check, a security deposit, and a bunch of paperwork. After that, you still have to buy your own furniture and pay for all the utilities. What a racket. There has to be a better way to do this office space thing.

Populus Coworking is the better way to do office space. At Populus, small business owners can access exciting spaces fully furnished with the latest amenities. Our short-term commitments and easy onboarding allow business owners to spin up space right away. Everything is included at Populus, making the process seamless and enjoyable. Further, Populus doesn’t require credit checks, security deposits, or personal guarantees. 

Populus is the new way to do office space in Omaha. The easy, enjoyable, and affordable way to get a great space for teams of 2-20. Schedule your tour today. We’re excited to meet you.

A real estate company operating with a startup mindset

Focused on the future of work

Who should use Populus?

Populus is perfect for individual entrepreneurs, consultants, and creators as well as small businesses of 2-20 people. Our 3 products can be mixed together to create just the right setup for your team.

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The best way to learn about Populus is to visit. Our Community Manager is excited to meet you and show you all that Populus has to offer. Schedule your tour of Populus Coworking today.