Building the future of office in Omaha


Who should use Populus?

Populus is perfect for individual entrepreneurs, consultants, and creators as well as small businesses of 2-20 people. Our 3 products can be mixed together to create just the right setup for your team.

We’re focused on the future of work

We are very excited about our open coworking at Populus, but we’re offering much more than a table and chair. The focus of Populus is to provide flexibility for you to work in different ways throughout the day. This is why we provide solutions for private offices, dedicated desks, and lots of open common areas. We believe the future of work is all about flexibility. Our goal is to provide space, amenities, and a community that will inspire your work.

From our founder, Micah Yost

In 2015 I had a vision for a physical space to create a density of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Over a number of years, I ran the idea out across multiple buildings and spaces in Omaha looking for just the right opportunity. In the summer of 2019, I was able to launch the first Populus Coworking location in Midtown Omaha.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of our city. Populus is a flexible, inspired, space for those people who are building their ideas. I hope you’ll join me so we can create great things together.


Micah Yost