When Populus Coworking first went public with plans to open in November of 2018, Founder Micah Yost received an email from Steve McGreer. The email itself wasn’t that atypical. “Let’s get coffee,” was the essence of the communication. About a week later, Yost and McGreer met at an Omaha Starbucks. They discussed business, life, and Steve’s new company Asset Environments. It was an exciting time for both Founders as the looked to the future of their young companies and planned for great things. 

Asset Environments has accomplished some incredible things since that meeting.

Asset Environments Omaha

Asset Environments would become one of the very first companies to join Populus Coworking. Since that first coffee meeting, Steve’s consulting group has quickly grown. The team started with a coworking membership, moved into a small office, and then moved to a larger office very quickly. Asset Environments works around Omaha, and across the country, providing building owners technical and financial solutions. One key service is helping with PACE financing. This is a special type of financing based on energy efficiency. In 2018, Asset Environments assisted Shamrock Development with the largest PACE financing deal in the country. As of mid-2020, Steve’s team has over $67 million in PACE financing deals approved.

DOLLARS of PACE Financing Deals Approved

The Asset Environments team has had other amazing accomplishments. As experienced engineers, project managers, and administrators they’ve become sought after for building system upgrades and environmental updates. In fact, the team has helped reduce about 4 million pounds of CO2 on a yearly basis. They do this trough working with control systems, heating, cooling, lighting, and many other factors in large buildings. Their innovative approach combines financial planning, detailed engineering, and technology solutions. 


Saving WAter

112,000 Gallons of Water Reduction Every Year



3,846,007 Pounds of CO2 Emissions Avoided Per Year


Less Electric

2,707,544 kWh of Annual Electricity Reduced

Asset Environments has worked on some of the most iconic buildings in Nebraska such as the Omaha World-Herald building and the vibrant Capitol District. Populus Coworking is thrilled to support this exciting company with flexible office space as their business grows. The idea behind Populus has always been to provide flexible workspace solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs just like Asset Environments.

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