Do you remember the classic game “Telephone”? The game where one person says a sentence to the person next to them and they keep it going down the line. Often times, the phrase is completely different by the time the last person hears it. The whole point of the game was to show how easily information gets misconstrued. It’s okay if it’s just high school gossip, but when it comes to your office space, you can lose millions of dollars because of falsely spread information

As most of us are working from home or remotely nowadays, it’s important more than ever to keep consistent communication among your organization. The last thing you want is miscommunication or lack of communication. With this in mind, you definitely should consider a mind-blowing app like “Slack”. This app has undoubtedly become a leading team collaboration tool. With its easy configuration and smooth learning curve, Slack is a favorite for 10 million+ users.

As a top productivity app for corporations and startups, Slack helps teams to communicate better. Even when you’re not in the office together, working remotely, Slack keeps your organization on track. Whether you want to get your team’s feedback, be notified for each new task, or just keep the conversation going within your team, chances are there’s already a Slack app that can do that for you.

Here’s a list of the 10 best Slack apps for your team in 2019:

1. Donut – Team Building in Slack


Investing in team building activities helps to bring a lot of positivity to the overall organizational culture. Donut is a social communication platform designed for building better team relationships. It does so by developing connections between the team members and reminding them to meet for collaborations.

The Donut app for Slack lets you send your new employees any information they may need to start their new job. Or you could connect them with a team member who can introduce them to the company, its policies, and a host of other things.

  • If you integrate Donut with Slack, you can:
  • Connect with new team members via direct
  • Get reminders for meetings with team members
  • Create Slack pairing channels for multiple teams

Easy new employee on-boarding by connecting them to other team members

2. Time Doctor – Productivity Tool

time doctor

Every team needs Time Doctor to improve overall team productivity. It is one of the best slack apps out there.

Time Doctor is a real-time tracking tool that measures the time spent on a task, it takes screenshots of your employee’s screens to better monitor their overall time spending patterns.

Time Doctor allows you to:

  • Track the websites and applications being accessed by your team during a task
  • Track the time an employee spends on a task and receive reports in Slack channels
  • Receive updates when tasks are completed
  • Receive notifications whenever a resource starts working on a task

3. Wonder – The Ultimate Reminder Tool


Wonder ensures that forgetting things is no longer a problem for your team. Wonder is a reminder tool that takes the form of a live chat, and by telling the app to remember something, you or your team members can retrieve that information anytime they want.

Here’s what Wonder does for your team:

  • Saves important team information through memories
  • Brings up the information that it was told to remember in between Slack conversations
  • Dashboard to store, update and categorize information

4. Tettra – Best Slack App for Knowledge Management

tettra There’s a need to introduce a common knowledge hub when teams begin to grow in size. Tettra provides a central hub for teams to store and share collective knowledge. This helps the team to access the right information at the right time without it getting lost in a sea of information. The tool provides an easy, efficient, and ideal means for storing team information in one place. Doing so minimizes the hassle of having information stored in multiple locations.

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5. Monday – Team and Project Management

mondayMonday offers a collaborative workspace for you to plan and manage teams and tasks. It allows you to sync conversations across the two platforms, get updates in your Slack channels based on a set of rules you establish and monitor each change as soon as it happens in real-time.

6. Paymo – Task Management and Time Tracking


Paymo is a work and project management solution that brings everyone in your team on the same page. Besides the clean and modern interface, the app also offers a strong set of features for planning, scheduling, and invoicing your work. The Paymo for Slack app comes in handy when you want to track work time, create tasks, add files to your projects, or get notified about your Paymo tasks.

7. Asana – Manage and Track Your Team’s Work


The Asana-Slack integration lets you turn conversations into tasks, change the status of an activity, receive notifications to a channel of your choice, link a project to a channel, or just create a new task with a simple asana create command.

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8. nTask – Best Slack Project Management Integration


This is one of the best slack apps for your team. nTask is an intuitive tool that lets you manage your projects through its intelligently designed feature set. nTask helps to create multiple workspaces for different teams, executing professional meetings, and facilitate project management from multiple dimensions, such as managing issues and risks.

nTask allows you to:

  • Post project updates to channels in Slack
  • Create a meeting in nTask and your team members can review all the details through Slack messages

Get this Slack add-on to make team collaboration even more effective while achieving streamlined project management.

9. MeisterTask


Creating shared project plans can be difficult and managing them across teams can be downright challenging. MeisterTask helps to keep things hyper-organized by allowing teams to create streamlined, automated workflows and get more work done together. The app lets users share work details with team members, upload files, set due dates and add checklist items in real-time.

10. InVision


Many creative individuals do some of their best work when they can have real-time feedback at hand. InVision provides this and more right within Slack.

InVision is dedicated to helping users deliver the best possible digital product experience. It provides intuitive tools for ideation, design, and prototyping all in one place. The platform gives you and your team everything that will be needed for digital product design.

InVision also allows multiple project files to be stored, viewed, reviewed, and commented on simultaneously. Designed prototypes can be connected to channels, making changes visible to team members, and individual screens can be shared for instant collaboration.


We’ve discussed the ten best slack apps that your organization needs in 2019. Whether your company is a startup or a large corporation, these integrations will make communication between you and your team efficient. Even if your team is in a shared office space, communication will be better enhanced with these great apps, so check them out! You won’t regret it.

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