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I’ve been on the hunt for new Spotify playlists that will help me focus on my work while also giving me energy to boost productivity. During my search I’ve found various gems that I cycle through any given workday depending on what mood I’m in.

I pulled together a list of my favorite ten and hope they help you as much as they helped me. May your work day be productive and your attention focused while jamming along to these curated playlists.

#1. Your Favorite Coffeehouse

A Spotify official playlist, Your Favorite Coffeehouse playlist has always been my go-to. It’s mellow with some folky melodic tunes that will make you feel like the music from your local coffeehouse has been brought to you wherever you are. Some tracks from the vast list include Hozier, Anna Mieke, The Staves, Wild Child, The Lumineers and many many more. I also love listening to this playlist when I’m writing, helps set me in a dreamy creative state of mind.

2. 專心聽音

I stumbled onto this one when I was looking for instrumental songs. Sometimes work is easier for me to focus on when I’m not distracted by singing and lyrics and instead have a nice warm balanced acoustic sound in the background. I’m not sure how this list came up since it’s a Chinese title, but it’s also a Spotify official playlist. The title translates roughly to “Listen Carefully to the Music Note”. The playlist has 23 easygoing acoustic tracks that is the perfect soundtrack for your workday.

3. Classical Music for Studying

Continuing in the theme of listening to music without any lyrics, this playlist will bring out all the productivity. It features classical compositions from greats such as Franz Liszt, Bach, and Chopin, as well as some from modern composers like Maxence Cyrin and RIOPY. This playlist has over 4 hours of classical music that will motivate you to tackle any action item on your to-do list.

4. Deep Focus

Yet another official Spotify curated list, this playlist has 184 songs that will help create the right ambiance to focus your attention. I like to listen to this list when I’m writing, I feel that it draws me in and keeps my mind busy so I’m not distracted by what’s going on around me – perfect for when you share a workspace with others.

5. Nashville Stripped

When I don’t feel I have to be hyper focused on my work, I listen to this list. If you like country, this is the playlist for you. It’s 5 hours of today’s popular country tracks but of stripped-down versions for a moodier feel. Favorites from Miranda Lambert, Lee Brice, Maren Morris, Chris Janson, Matt Stell, Florida Georgia Line, etc.

6. Have a Great Day!

The name says it all. This is list is chalk full of the classics from John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, The Temptations, Jack Johnson, Paul Simon, Elton John, The Beach Boys, etc. This is my favorite Friday playlist; it puts me in an instant good mood and it’s also been a fan favorite when I played it in background for dinner parties. I like to sit out on my back porch and jam along as I work away on my laptop. This is also a favorite of mine to play while cleaning the house.

7. Mellow Classics

Tried and true are the tunes of the classics. This list is 6 hours of mellow classic rock. They’ve got the best of the best – “Carolina in My Mind” by James Taylor, “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel, “A Case of You” by Joni Mitchell, and other timeless tracks from the Eagles, Van Morrison, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Etta James, etc. This is my favorite when I’m answering emails or inputting data.

8. Just Good Music

This playlist houses the best from Today’s pop. All headbangers from Niall Horan, OneRepublic, Lauv, Neon Trees, Thomas Rhett, Taylor Swift, Bazzi, Billie Eilish, etc. What I like about this list is it’s great for discovering tracks that you may not have heard from popular artists, songs that radio doesn’t always play. I like to play this list when I’m in the need for a creative boost in my work.

9. Music for a Workday

If you’re looking to just put on a playlist at the start of your workday and not worry about finding another one as soon as it runs out of songs, this one is for you. These songs are guaranteed to keep you in a good mood with its catchy beats and uplifting sounds. 145 songs and 8 hours of play time, you’ll be golden with this one. This pop playlist is also great for discovering new artists or new tracks from known artists. The list has Maggie Rogers, Cody Simpson, Kesha, Harry Styles, Lauren Daigle, John Legend, Gavin James, PUBLIC, Wolf, just to name a few.

10. At Home Together: Kygo

For those who are in need of energizing beats while they work. This playlist was curated from Kygo himself, it’s made up of electronic pop from his favorite music to listen to while around the house. Of course, there are some tracks from Kygo but also from Lewis Capaldi, The Chainsmokers, Diplo, Robin Schulz, Bon Iver, etc. This mix will boost your mood and give you that push to make it through your task list.

Hope these playlists help you stay focused on your work and ultimately give you a better workday like they have for me!

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