Entrepreneurs are often creative and innovative individuals. With so many tasks on their daily to-do lists, it’s common for entrepreneurs to get distracted or become disorganized. When you’re just starting a business, you may not be able to afford to have an assistant to keep everything organized. Luckily, there are time management apps that can help you stay on track with all of your tasks.

Keep in mind that for every startup founder, time is a precious resource. From scheduling meetings, fulfilling orders, and accomplishing a ton of other tasks, it just seems like there are never enough hours in the day.

This is why it is important for startup founders to use their time effectively. There are a lot of time management apps that will help you manage your time better and ease any stress caused by disorganization.

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With these apps, you’ll be able to:

  • Free up your schedule
  • Find time for your personal life
  • Focus on getting your work done 
  • Multitask with little to no difficulty
  • Improve profitability 
  • Bill accurately
  • Calculate work rates
  • Capture tasks that often go unreported, like travel and meetings

Here are the 10 best time management apps for startup founders:

1. Evernote


Evernote allows users to create, organize, and attach notes, files, and images. The app is designed to ensure that the user can accomplish multiple tasks in a single app. Evernote can act as a digital notebook for almost anything and everything.

It helps the user to:

  • Track their expenses
  • Manage their calendar 
  • Create slideshow presentations 
  • Plan their next trip

Evernote also makes it easy for users to create, share, and discuss with others in the organization. Evernote also makes it possible for users to develop projects faster and allow multiple participants to work on different aspects of the project. Evernote is a necessary time management app for startup founders.

2. Pocket


Pocket makes it easy for users to save interesting links and articles for later, as well as organize them however they deem fit.

Pocket is a bookmarking app that ensures the user never loses an article they may need. Pocket allows the user to save everything in a single place ensuring they have quick and easy access to it.

Pocket integrates with over 1,500 apps and allows offline viewing of websites and articles. Pocket is a must have time management app.

    3. Trello


    Trello is a team collaboration software. It allows users to interact through tasks and collaborate with colleagues and team members. 

    Trello is fun and easy to use, it allows the user to keep track of everything that goes on in their company. It also allows the user to assign, delegate, and monitor tasks. Users are allowed to manage a project, view the progress, build roadmaps, and much more. Another great feature of Trello is that it can be synchronized across the user’s devices and it allows third-party apps integration.

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      4. RescueTime


      RescueTime provides users with detailed reports about websites they spend most of their time on. The app comes with a promise to maintain the work-life balance of the user. It allows a user to monitor and analyze their daily activities in regard to the time spent on each website.

      The ability to know what fills up most of your time and what really distracts you from getting things done allows you to prioritize activities and save a lot of time. RescueTime is a necessary time management app for all startup founders.

      5. Hootsuite


      Hootsuite lets the user manage all their social media accounts from one single place. For business owners, it’s necessary to maintain an online presence, not just on a company blog, but on various social networks. 

      Hootsuite makes it easy for users to schedule posts, track engagement, browse newsfeed, respond to messages, and see reports and analytics.

      6. Harvest


      Harvest allows users to easily track time, log expenses, and manage invoices on the go. Harvest is a time and expense tracking app that can help a startup founder shift their mindset and start thinking about time as a finite resource. 

      The app integrates with tons of other tools like Trello, GitHub, and others. Harvest helps a user to track billable time to ensure that every minute is properly accounted for.

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      7. Todoist


      Todoist allows the user to create digital to-do lists and tasks. Items can be shared with colleagues, assigned specific due dates, and flagged for priority.

      Todoist integrates with hundreds of apps so that the user can stay on top of everything they’re doing. It allows users to add daily habits and recurring tasks and deadlines to prevent them from manually inputting repetitive tasks every time.

      8. Wunderlist


      Wunderlist lets users capture, share, and complete lists on their own or with colleagues. Users can track, complete, share their own goals, and assign tasks for their team members.

      It allows users to check off their personal and professional to-do list by getting everything in sync and making it easy to share their list.

      Wunderlist is a cloud-based task-management application, it makes sharing grocery lists, working collaboratively on projects, or planning household activities a lot easier. Wunderlist also syncs with the user’s phone, tablet, and computer to ensure they can access the list from anywhere.

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      9. Toggl


      Toggl is a time management app that users can use to track time spent on tasks and manually add entries.

      It helps users track their time to improve productivity. The app provides features that can be divided by tasks, projects, and clients to determine how efficiently time and money are spent.

      With Toggl, a user can:

      • Sync Toggl across devices and track everything 
      • Find ways to optimize time spent on tasks
      • Review their week, month, and yearly productivity

      10. Slack


      Slack is the most popular internal communication tool and has extensive functionality. It allows the user to communicate with the team, exchange documents and files, set reminders, arrange calls, manages to-do lists, and have many other issues under control.

      Slack is fun, secure, and sufficient enough to be used as the main communication tool. It is an essential time management app for startups.

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      Time management apps make it a lot easier for startup founders and entrepreneurs to manage their time effectively and prevent distractions. These apps ensure that you maintain a proper work-life balance and never get off track. If you’re a startup founder, you should definitely check out some of these apps. And if you’re a startup in Omaha looking for office space, contact us.

      Disclaimer: This article is intended to help business owners make more informed decisions in regards to the topic; however, please contact an attorney for legal advice and an accountant for tax advice. Populus makes no representation as a legal advisor or tax advisor.



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