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Video freelancer, DJ Hornacek, says it’s now more important than ever to use video to engage your audience.

Hornacek’s video producing adventure all started when he realized his passion laid in doing something creative and active. It was quite the journey and an unpredictable one that led him into that world. Taking various jobs from building homes, playing in a band, to working as a property manager of an apartment complex. But all it took was the nudge of a friend and an open mind.

“You get to sit and be creative at a desk and also in the field on shoots. Also, It’s been a lot of freelancing with video and working side jobs to get me to the point where I told myself that I can do this on my own and stop relying on other people to find work for me then to finding work on my own.”

“I was working as a property maintenance manager and it was getting old (of course) when a friend asked me if I wanted to work with him doing video edits, the pay wasn’t much and I have never touched a camera or editing software, I didn’t even have a computer to use. But I said ‘sure, why not!’  So I moved my wife and 2-year-old out of our house and put it up for rent, took a job where we worked at a(n) apartment complex as the property manger where they let us live for for “free” while I started this new venture…. And from there I was hooked! This was it. A career where I can use my hands and be as creative as I can.”

A while later, Hornacek built his own production company called Black Circle Video, and even during the current climate, where he believes it’s hard to stand out amongst the other video production companies, he continues to focus on what is unique to his company: honesty and professionalism all the while helping his clients think out of the box. His storytelling aims to create visuals that bring about a full story of the product or brand, ultimately cutting through all the noise and chaos in the market.

Here is a series of clips from our 2nd product shoot we did in the garage. We are trying new things like having a screen behind the product but also putting real things in the front. then of course the slow mo and spinning things and what not! Pint Nine Brewing Co.#productioncompany #filmmaker #filmmaking #videoeditor #filmeditor #fcpx #finalcutprox #makingmovies #postproduction #editor #filmproduction #videoproduction #video #film #documentary #digitalmedia #omaha #omahavideo #nebraska #interviews #love #myperspective #video #videobusiness #corperatevideo #productvideo #beervideo #localbeer

Posted by DJ Hornacek on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

This is Peyton Forged Woodworks, this kid just graduated high school and went right into his craft. He found what he loved and went all in. He has his own shop and clients already and is busy making furniture! Check him out if you need some custom pieces. Peyton Maas #woodworker #handmade #omaha #nebraska #entrepreneur #minidoc #findyourgrind

Posted by DJ Hornacek on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

But, of course as it is with any small business, it hasn’t been easy. Hornacek says the most difficult thing he’s had to overcome was his own fear.

“I think the most difficult part is getting over the fear, whatever that may be, thinking that it’s not safe to try new things. I struggle with it daily…thinking is this the right thing for me, my family, but then I think back to how I was mentally at a “normal” job and that was worse for me and my family.”

Hornacek credits his friends, family, Populus, and podcasts for helping him get through the lows while acting as his mentors and inspiration.

“There have been many people in my life that have helped me in the process, from a friend helping me out of a dead end job to try something new to new friends helping with office space like Populus, and many people answering questions with video and giving me chances to grow. Not to mention a wife who has let me always try new things and wants me to (be) happy over anything else. As well as listening to a lot of podcasts like Gary V, Business made simple (Donald miller), and Tony robins.”

He claims that video is the most vital tool for a business to use in terms of communication, especially during COVID and the current economic status. During the beginning of the pandemic, Hornacek said his business slowed down quite a bit, however, once online communication grew exponentially, so did his requests.

“People need to communicate via video more than ever and I’m here to help them do that however they need it. Also, it’s important to me to help teach other people though this company that you can take risks and find and do what you love. “

When asked what advice he would give to an entreprenuer who is just starting out, he says it’s all about taking the risk.

“I know everyone says this but, just keep trying. Take risks while you can. Don’t give up too fast and learn discipline. These things have taken so long for me to learn and not even fully learned yet. But I say just do it. Ignore all the voices in your head and listen to your heart.”

I’ve wanted to set up some kind of product video shoot in my garage for fun l, so I started this week. I’ve never done this before so I thought it’s a good time try it out. Here are a few shots from one camera set up. Thanks to Jonathan Schanbacher for stopping by the help with shooting and lighting. And Stories Coffee Company for fueling this so far. We are going to try some more things yet! ..#productioncompany #filmmaker #filmmaking #videoeditor #filmeditor #fcpx #finalcutprox #makingmovies #postproduction #editor #filmproduction #videoproduction #video #film #documentary #digitalmedia #omaha #omahavideo #nebraska #interviews #love #myperspective #video #videobusiness #corperatevideo #productvideo #coffeeporn #coffee #blackmagicpocket4k #sonya7iii

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This was a try with adding some sound effect. Stories Coffee Company is open inside to check out now btw! ☕️⚫️◻️✖️😷….Jonathan Schanbacher#productioncompany #filmmaker #filmmaking #videoeditor #filmeditor #fcpx #finalcutprox #makingmovies #postproduction #editor #filmproduction #videoproduction #film #documentary #digitalmedia #omaha #omahavideo #nebraska #interviews #love #myperspective #video #videobusiness #coffee #sounddesign #coffeetime #coffeelover #coffeeaddict

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Staying true to his business focus, Hornacek states that the future in Black Circle Video lies in encouraging others. He stresses that he’s the guy that is really just looking to help others with whatever they may need to grow and learn, if his clients see growth – then that’s all that matters to him.

“What I want to see for my company is growth for the people I work with and work for. I want to help as many people as I can realize their potential and find what they love. I believe if I do those things the company will stay here for a long time.”

For more information on Hornacek and Black Circle Video, visit his website.

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