Currently, there are more than 35,000 flexible spaces around the world. If you’re from a big city, it’s likely that you already have hundreds of coworking spaces to choose from. Picking the perfect one can be really tricky: it’s just like apartment-hunting, except they are all awesome and pretty affordable!

The demand for coworking spaces is definitely keeping up: next to more than 3.1 million coworkers around the world, the number is expected to double by the end of 2022.

One of the entrepreneurial and freelancer groups that is likely to search for a coworking space are writers. In most cases, digital content creators, journalists and creative writers have a flexible schedule and are looking for a space to match. If you’re one of them, here are some of the things that you should be looking out for when choosing a coworking space:


A coworking company or an operator is an organization that creates and hosts coworking spaces. This means that a single provider can have dozens of coworking spaces around the city, country or even worldwide. This is a frequent case in the coworking industry, because experienced and successful companies grow and acquire others.

So, as you’re looking for a coworking space to write, don’t just look at the space, but the operator that’s behind it. Researching the coworking space operator can reveal a lot more information than just researching an individual space. It will also tell you a lot about their general policies and ethics (more on that below). Also, if you like an operator, but the coworking space is over your budget, you can find a similar one by the same operator in a lower price range.


It’s likely you will spend a lot of time in your coworking space, especially if you’re a one-person business. That’s why it’s wildly important that you actually enjoy being in that space. Sometimes, things just don’t click and that’s okay. The best thing about coworking spaces is that you can easily switch or try new ones.

You can find out a lot about a space simply from your initial tour. If there’s something off, that’s normal and you shouldn’t read much into it – just take a tour of another coworking space. When you find the right one, you will know.


Just like with any other property, location is tremendously important in coworking. Here’s why:

  • Commute time: you don’t want your commute time to be long, otherwise the whole point of going to a coworking space might be ruined
  • Meeting space: if you’re planning on meeting potential clients or customers in your coworking space, make sure it’s in a convenient location
  • Surroundings: make sure you have all the facilities you need in the vicinity (gym, laundry, restaurants, shops) in order not to waste time on chores etc.


For bootstrapped startups and struggling freelancers, even the lowest coworking space subscription packages can be a strain on their budget. If you’re among them, pricing will definitely be one of the biggest factors that will determine your choice of a coworking space. However, in bigger cities, there are plenty of spaces available in all price ranges.

If you want to earn more money with writing, you can join companies such as TrustMyPaper (a platform for professional academic writers) or ClassyEssay (an essay writing website). You can also outsource some of your work to them if you feel like you’re overworked.

All in all, if you’re struggling with finances, look for a low-priced coworking space to start with.


Before you start looking for a coworking space where you can write, grab a pen and paper and outline some of your priorities and needs. The easiest way to pinpoint exactly what you want is a simple MUST-HAVEs list. After you have this, you can go ahead and start searching for spaces that meet your criteria.

  • Opening and closing hours (if you would like maximum flexibility, find a 24/7 coworking space)
  • Guest policy
  • Self-service or help from staff
  • Cleaning policy
  • Printing, copying…


A coworking space needs to promote good work ethics, otherwise your business may suffer from a lack of productivity. Just like in a regular office, a coworking space is not only a place of work, but a spot for networking and socialization. However, given that you’re your own boss, no one will scold you for taking too many coffee breaks or lounge chats. In this regard, you will have to maintain control over this yourself.

Having said that, some coworking spaces definitely have a looser work ethic than others. You can usually predict what type of a space it is in your initial tour, but if you join a coworking space to write and then realize that you’re not doing as much work as you’d like, consider changing to another one.


Even though it may seem like you can’t go wrong with a coworking space because they all seem so awesome, you should invest some time and research into picking the one that will fit your needs and habits the most. Before you land on a final decision, do a trial with a couple of coworking spaces to discover what your likes and dislikes are and to better realize what you’re looking for.

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