For many people, remote work became a reality in the Spring of 2020 as the Coronavirus ripped through the world. For some, remote work has been a way of life long before that. Craig Inzana is one of those.

Inzana, who is a marketing expert and media producer, spent much of 2019 touring the United States in his car. He was determined to see as much as possible and embraced a fully remote work style. In fact, he’s written a book on the subject titled Digital Nomad: How to go from in the Office to on the Road (you should buy a copy here). Sadly, his travels came to end in mid-2019 after a car accident.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Craig decided he wanted to land somewhere different. He recalled spending some time in Omaha on his travels and enjoyed the city. So, he returned with the idea of making Omaha a home. It was about this time that Craig walked into Populus, introduced himself, and signed up as a coworking member.

Craig Inzana New Media

Craig became one of the founding members of Populus and has been a staple of the community. Through his company Craig Inzana Media he helps clients around the country with digital marketing like social media, content creation, analytics, and research. Of course every good digital media consultant should be creating their own content, and Craig Inzana is that guy. He is a regular writer on his blog and you can find him on YouTube where his videos have tens of thousands of views. Do shorter videos perform better than longer videos? If you want the answer, he has it for you right here. Craig also has a podcast called Happy You’re Here that is positive and encouraging. The point is, if anyone is looking for a marketing producer who actually practices what he preaches, that is Craig Inzana.

As a regular coworking member at Populus, Craig has been a crucial help to many members. Some members are clients, while others simply pick his brain over a beer or a cup of tea in the Populus kitchen. This has been an advantage to the coworking community – the ability to network with experts and ask for advice. Because Craig lives in midtown, he has a quick walk to the coworking space each day. You’ll often see Craig strolling our neighborhood on nice afternoon with a messenger bag over his shoulder and a mug in his hand. When you see him, be sure to say “hello” and if you’re lucky you’ll have time for a good conversation.

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