Populus Coworking has closed

Working parents are trying to decide between sending their children to physical school or continuing with virtual learning at home. Do they risk sending their child into the classroom where they could contract COVID-19 or do they keep their kids at home which could present difficulties in concentrating on work for the parents? There are challenges and concerns with masks and social distancing. Of course, trying to get work done is a huge factor for parents as well. The world is full of uncertainty these days and these decisions about school are difficult.

There are a handful of amazing Omaha startups that are helping solve these challenges for parents. Below, you’ll find a few exciting new startup companies located right here in Nebraska. Additionally, these are not only Omaha startups but also companies with female founders. If you’re looking for options this year to help with remote learning or virtual classes, check out these local companies.


tutoring service omaha

TheirSpace is a tutoring service for Omaha students and working parents launched by Kate White. Kate acknowledges that parents won’t get back to full productivity without some help. Her company is partnering with employers and businesses around Omaha to provide onsite tutoring services for employees.

One exciting partnership for TheirSpace is a new relationship with Populus Coworking. While your child receives private, affordable tutoring at Populus, parents are provided a dedicated workspace. 

The co-working space will provide two tutoring sessions to choose from each weekday in 4-hour intervals. Each session will follow COVID-19 precautions; masks are required for both students and tutors, desks and work areas will be cleaned in between sessions, and approximately 4-6 students will be allotted per room while practicing social distancing of 6′ of space between. 

While your child is being tutored, parents will receive a day pass to the Populus coworking space. The day pass includes access to all of the amazing amenities such as gigabit internet, local coffee, snacks, fitness center, and meeting rooms.


Maxwell App Omaha

Maxwell is an app that promotes a healthy work-life balance and supports high performing working parents who have very full plates. The AI-powered application provides its users access to a host of support services from cleaning and event planning to tutoring and personal shopping. The intention is to take care of time-consuming tasks to allow working parents more time. The founder of this exciting new Omaha startup is Adriana Basulto, an experienced HR professional.

With a world full of uncertainty, now is an important time for working parents to receive the support to remain as productive as possible. Maxwell offers an employer partnership program which allows area business to provide Maxwell to their employees. They also offer individual memberships for anyone to join and take advantage of the many services offered. If you’re looking for better work and life balance this might be the application for you.


Childcare App

Swishbom is a fresh new app founded by brother and sister-in-law Kellee Mikuls and Richard Tom. It’s developed to quickly connect families with reliable babysitters within their trusted network.

Forget the numerous texts, calls, Facebook posts to find a trusted babysitter. Swishboom has a network of recommended babysitters from families you know and trust. Think of it as LinkedIn, but for babysitting jobs. On the app, parents can post a babysitting job on the scheduling page by filling out the date, rate, address, and children. This app is great for working from home parents. A sitter will come over and entertain the kids while the parent has some uninterrupted time to accomplish work tasks.  

Omaha Startups Are Thriving

Nebraska has long been home to exciting startup companies. These new apps and services are perfectly timed to assist parents in a world filled with uncertainty and challenges. It’s very exciting to see Omaha entrepreneurs activating quickly to solve important problems in the community, and across the country. Families across Nebraska can take advantage of these services to make the work from home and virtual learning situations just a little bit easier to manage.