Dedicated Desk at Populus

Your own desk

If you plan to make Populus your daily workspace, you’ll likely want a dedicated desk just for you. This allows you to leave things like your monitor(s), charging cables, and photos of grandma. A dedicated desk is located out in our common area. It has an increased level of privacy with acoustic dividers. Dedicated desk members receive access to all of the Populus amenities including blazing fast wifi, coffee, conference rooms, private phone booths, and comfortable seating in our common areas. This is the most cost-effective plan for daily users.

Join instantly

Dedicated desk members can join our community instantly by signing up online. We have month-to-month options so there’s not long term commitment. Give us a try, we think you’ll love Populus.

What to expect

  • 24/7 via keycard access
  • All amenities like printing, wireless internet, coffee, and more
  • All of the common areas are fair game
  • Bringing a friend? Meetings are free – day passes are $20
  • Our front desk staff is always happy to assist you

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Populus Coworking
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