The Silicon Prairie and tech startups in Omaha continue to grow

Via KMTV of Omaha

The Silicon Prairie was a trendy term a few years ago but the bubble hasn’t burst. In fact, more companies and startups are moving to Omaha each year. Currently, the city has three accelerators and nine co-labs.


Flywheel says ‘great culture’ leads to ‘extraordinary work’ and ‘rocket ship’ growth

Via Omaha World-Herald

Davidson believes even the building and workspace impact productivity. Right now, the company’s Omaha employees are divided among three buildings, but by summer 2020 Flywheel is planning to bring them under one roof by moving to Millwork Commons, a $300 million redevelopment project in north downtown.


These Midwest companies are bringing new ideas to the trucking industry

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Based out of Omaha, BasicBlock is a platform for trucking companies to streamline their workflow with electronic paperwork and directly communicate with manufacturers and shippers without the need for third parties. Co-founders, Taylor Monks and Brett Byman, see the Midwest as the ideal location to start their company.


Hansen: Omaha startup has grown sales by more than 1,445 percent in 3 years. What’s its secret?

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You don’t need to be a genius to understand how Flywheel is changing Omaha. You don’t even need to fully grasp what the Omaha tech startup actually does.

To understand how Flywheel is changing things here, all you really need to do is walk in its downtown Omaha front door.