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Tutoring Program At Populus Coworking

Tutoring sessions will begin on September 8th.

Workspace for you, tutoring for them

Going back to school is different this year. This is why Populus has partnered with the amazing team at TheirSpace to provide tutoring services for elementary through high school aged students in the Omaha area. During these uncertain times, we know it is difficult to work and support children with virtual learning. We are here to help you make it all happen.


Trained and vetted tutors


1:4 Tutor to Student ratio


covid-19 precautions


workspace for parents


$50 per student per session
This includes one 4-hour session for your child and a day pass to Populus coworking for you.


Chose one or multiple sessions
We have 8 seats per session. You may book a single session or multiple sessions in advance. We encourage parents to book sessions for the entire semester and lock in their spots.


4-hour tutor sessions
We provide two sessions each weekday. One from 8a to 12p and another from 1p to 5p.


Cleaning, masks, social distance
Masks will be required for students and tutors during the sessions. We will clean desks and work areas between sessions. Students will be socially distanced the entire session.

School Tutors
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How do we help you and your student succeed?

We’ve partnered with TheirSpace to provide your students a small, safe, focused, tutoring environment. While students work on their school, parents can work in the Populus space enjoying all of our amenities like gigbit internet, local coffee, snacks, fitness center, and meeting rooms.

Facilitate Virtual Learning

Each room will have a vetted TheirSpace tutor facilitating virtual learning. The tutor will assist with assignments & e-learning technology and provide interactive tutoring customized to the students in the room. 

Divide by age group

Based on enrollment, rooms will be split into groups of similarly aged students. Each room will practice social distancing with 6′ of space between each student with approximately 4-6 students per room.

Flexible hours or membership

Two 4-hour sessions will be available each day at 8a and 1p. You don’t have to stay for the entire 4-hour session. Purchase one session or lock in regular days for the entire semester. Sessions are $50 each per student.

Professional parent workspace

While your student(s) study, you may take advantage of the Populus coworking space and all of its amazing amenities. These include fast internet, coffee, snacks, and much more.

Our amazing partner TheirSpace

At Populus, we are all about creating the future of work. We knew that tutoring services would require a unique and special partner and we are excited to have TheirSpace onsite to run these tutoring programs. They will handle the coordination, training, and vetting of tutors so that you will have an amazing experience.

Kate White (pictured here) is the Founder of TheirSpace. She is an incredible entrepreneur who is passionate about work/life balance for working parents. 

Tutor in Omaha

A Few Things We Are Not

These times are filled with new concepts and challenging situations. Our goal here, in partnership with TheirSpace, is to provide a flexible solution to help working parents with virtual learning students.

This is not a school

We should first clarify this is not a school. We do not provide a learning curriculum, and can’t replace a school. This is a supplemental tutoring service to help students with their school work.

This is not a daycare

We are not here to entertain. We do have structured programming that will provide breaks and help students stay focused. Kids are expected to study and bring school work.

Reserve Your Spot

Submit your information and we’ll sign up each person on a first come first serve basis. After you submit your info we will contact you with details, terms, conditions, and billing requirements. Sessions will begin on September 8th.

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Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a tutor cost?

Our tutoring sessions are 4 hours each and cost $50 per session. This means you’re paying $12.50 per hour for a professional tutor. 

What times are available?

Our sessions are available Monday through Friday. We have a session from 8 am to 12 pm and another session from 1 pm to 5 pm. Each session is $50 per student. We encourage parents to lock in sessions in advance to guarantee a spot.

Are there any tutoring discounts?

At $12.50 per hour for a small 4:1 ratio, we feel we’re offering exceptional value for families. We will offer a discount of $25 for additional siblings in the same family for the same tutoring session. For example, a brother and sister could both attend a session for $75 in total. All of our pricing is subject to change so we encourage parents to lock in spots early.

What ages can attend?

Students will be separated into two rooms at each session. One room is for 1-5th grade and the other room is 6th-12th grade. We have 4 spots available for each session in each room (a total of 8 students at each session). 

Who are the tutors?

Our partner, TheirSpace, will be handling the training and vetting of our tutors. Most of our tutors are either local college students working on their education degree or former teachers that have recently retired. All tutors will be background checked, trained, and vetted.

What can parents do while students learn?

We’re so glad you asked. This is what our product unique. Parents will have access to the full Populus Coworking workspace. You can enjoy a cup of our local coffee, a soda the fridge, or a beer from the tap. Sit down at a table or a cozy couch to work (or scroll Facebook). Parents can also access our large fitness facility which includes showers. 

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