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Activate your space with Populus Coworking

A platform for flexible workspace

The future of office space is flexibility. As work changes, the demand for office space is changing. Businesses of all sizes are seeking flexible space that meets the needs of a dynamic workforce. Populus Coworking has created a partnership program that allows many types of spaces to become part of our coworking network. Add value to your building with Populus Coworking.

  • Quickly pivot your space
  • Generate cashflow
  • Diversify your product
  • Fast and efficient process¬†
  • Strengthen your real estate portfolio

The “Excalibur” of flexible work space in Omaha. Impressive, not pretentious. Spacious, aesthetically appealing, a kind and intelligent staff who create the ultimate and successful work environment.

Melissa Titus

Space as a Service

Space-as-a -Service (spaase) is our technology-enabled platform for workspace. Tenants become members of a fully managed and furnished office. Owners quickly pivot their space to a fully managed and flexible product. The value grows for all as the network grows.

  • Mobile apps for easy member access to the entire network of spaces.
  • Open access for non-members to book community spaces and events.
  • Tech-enabled platform with a strong brand.
office mobile app


Activating your space with an exciting, technology-enabled, brand is simple. Populus will create the transition plans and manage the process from start to finish with our trusted partners. Once your space is ready, we’ll add it to our network and instantly activate it with our membership. Our top-notch marketing will bring opportunities of all sizes. Our model is working and we’re excited to expand. Currently, we are activating spaces in within the greater Omaha metro area. We will soon be expanding outside of the state. Ideal spaces for our current network are 3,000 to 10,000 SF in the Omaha metro.¬†

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